Maria Paulsen

About me
I am Danish but have been studying and working in Iceland and Norway the past 6 years.
My main interest in this project is the meiofauna; the tiny animals (0.5–1 mm) that live between the sand grains. Looking though the microscope you quickly realise that it is not just mud, but that there is a vast diversity of Crustaceans (shrimp-like), Molluscs (mussel-like) and Polychaetes (worm-like) living within the sediment. Even though these animals are so tiny you can't really see them with the naked eye, they are very abundant and of great importance for the consumption of carbon within in the sediment.
I currently work as a PhD student in the Marine Microbiology group at Bergen University. In recent years participated in 6 cruises in the Arctic (around Svalbard and Greenland). It is during my time in the Arctic that I have met and collaborated with people from the British Antarctic Survey. In my PhD I focus mainly on even smaller organisms, the microorganisms in the Arctic Ocean (more specifically how well bacteria break down different carbon sources). I am very excited to use my meiofauna skills and polar fieldwork experience on the other pole.
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