Kirill Minin

About me
Kirill in a benthic ecologist, specialising in the integrative taxonomy of echinoids (sea urchins) around the world at the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology in Moscow, Russia. Kirill has worked all over the world on a number of key projects, specialising particulalry in deep-water and polar benthic environments. His current research is determining the biogeographic history of echinoids utilsing taxonomy and genetics.
ASCCC: Benthic ecologist with specialist skills in Echinodermata taxonomy, working in deep-sea and polar environments.
MAR-ECO (Mid-Atlantic Ridge Ecosystem Project) An international exploratory study of the macro and megfauna of the mid-Atlantic Ocean including the processes that control their distribution and community structures.
SoJaBio (Sea of Japan Biodiversity Studies) : Project exploring the relatively unknown deep-sea biodiversity of the Sea of Japan
KuramBio (Kuril-Kamchatka Biodiversity Studies) : Project re-examining the deep-sea biology of the Kuril-Kamchatka abyssal plain.
SokhoBio (Sea of Okhotsk Biodiversity Studies) : Expedition to explore the bathyal and abyssal marine fauna of the Okhotsk Sea, NW Pacific.
Recent Publications
Minin, K.V., Petrov, N.B., Vladychenskaya, I.P.  (2015). Sea urchins of the genus Gracilechinus Fell & Pawson, 1966 from the Pacific Ocean: Morphology and evolutionary historyMarine Biology Research: 11 (3): pp. 253-268