Bernabé  Moreno

About me
Call me Bernabé Moreno: Peruvian marine biologist, scientific diver & underwater cameraman. Currently working as a collaborative docent in laboratory sessions in the Marine Biology Laboratory at the Científica del Sur University where I’m also part of the Antarctic Project.
My main interest is to study the effects of environmental variability on the functional ecology of macrozoobenthic communities. I’m using this approach both in Antarctic and Peruvian marine ecosystems. I’m an APECS Council Member where I’m having the opportunity to get in touch with a broad spectra of international scientists and be constantly updated about Polar Science in general. In my homeland I’m also part of an international multidisciplinary project called CIENPERU (Coastal Impacts of El Niño 2015–2016 in Peruvian marine ecosystem). As a diver, I’ve been accumulating experience in several offshore-and-coastal protected islands and altitude lakes. This constant ‘hydration’ has put me in a sentinel position as I’ve been registering important changes in biological assemblages both graphically and systematically through data analysis.
My growing passion about photography & videography has led me to begin structure several underwater projects in order to elucidate in–situ behavior of the macrozoobenthos to better determine their functions on the ecosystem. I’m looking forward to executing these protocols on the next Peruvian Antarctic campaign.
CIENPERU: Coastal Impacts of El Niño 2015–2016 in Peruvian marine ecosystem
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